Complementing our litigation work in the courtroom, BKC helps clients with corporate, personal, and real estate transactions.

Much of the law happens outside the courtroom. A contract is completed and filed away. You hope to never need it, but for those times when you do need it, it better be airtight. Investing in setting up contracts & transactions properly on the front end can help prevent costly headaches and frustration that arise in real estate, business, and estate disputes later down the road.


BKC provides general corporate counsel for its clients that do not have a full-time lawyer in house, or clients who have in-house lawyers but need one with a particular skill set that BKC possesses.


Beyond the forms themselves, the structure you select for your business can have far reaching implications. BKC's clients benefit from having a knowledgeable, trusted advisers help them through the legal process of forming a business entity that best suits their needs.


Contracts are exchanged and signed countless times a day. BKC assists its clients with their contracts so that they help accomplish their business goals while, at the same time, minimizing liability and risk exposure.


BKC has helped seamlessly navigate real estate transactions covering home & rental income closings to large corporate transactions for both buyers & sellers. With over 30 years of experience in the real estate transactions, we seamlessly guide our clients through the process so they can rest easy on closing day.


You bring a set of objectives to the table and we bring a set of legal tools to accomplish those goals. Together we put together the puzzle pieces in a way that meets objectives and protects your beneficiaries. A knowledgeable partner is critical to helping you carry out your wishes through wills and other areas of estate planning.


A death in the family is never easy. BKC is honored to guide our clients through that tough time by handling the legal aspects of a deceased loved one's estate through probate administration.


A home is the largest purchase most people will ever make. Title insurance provides peace of mind that the seller actually owns the home she is selling. Today it is required by most loans, but it is a smart investment regardless. BKC acts as a title insurance agent, helping clients get the peace of mind they need.



  • The Frances McDonough Charitable FoundationGreater New Orleans Area
    +$1,000,000 Grants and Donations
    BKC created a foundation for one of its clients to help organizations involved in the preservation and care of animals.

    Frances McDonough believed in giving publicly, not for self-service or public recognition, but to remind and inspire others to give to those in need. Her inspiration continues through her Foundation, the purpose of which is to aid those charitable organizations identified in her will and those involved in the preservation, care and maintenance of animals in the New Orleans metropolitan area. BKC assisted Mrs. McDonough in crafting her will to create such a foundation to carry out her wishes. The Foundation has provided funding for the construction and/or re-opening of the following projects:

    –“The Frances McDonough Memorial Animal Clinic”, a state-of-the-art veterinary clinic at Southern Animal Foundation’s facility on Magazine St. in New Orleans which had been destroyed in a fire during the summer of 2002.
    –“The Dr. Ralph J. and Frances B. McDonough Kitty Village,” a state-of-the-art cat shelter for homeless cats of all ages, breeds and medical conditions developed by St. Frances Animal Sanctuary at its no-kill animal shelter in Tylertown, MS.
    –The re-opening of the Gentilly campus of People Program at the Lutheran Center on Lakeshore Drive in New Orleans. People Program offers a variety of day-time activities and learning opportunities to senior citizens.