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The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

From the US Coast Guard

What we do:  we help those harmed by the BP oil spill — whether it be medically or economically — navigate the complex legal process set up to try to make them whole.  Previously, the Gulf Coast Claims Facility made an attempt to do that, and it failed miserably.  The new Court-supervised settlement program aims to be more claimant friendly, but in doing so became more complex.  Frustrated?  Pulling your hair out?  Despondent?  Getting denials or incompleteness notices?  Let the attorneys of Barrios, Kingsdorf & Casteix help you navigate the new (and complicated) claims process.  Call us today at (504) 524-3300.


On April 20, 2010, an explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform caused the greatest environmental disaster to ever rock the United States.  The explosion set the drilling platform on fire.  After two days of burning, it tipped into the sea.  On its way to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, it bent and broke the long riser pipe connecting the drilling platform with the well head thousands of feet below it.  The break in the riser pipe left the well spewing oil into the Gulf’s waters, and an emergency valve installed to stop such a spill failed to work.  For months, oil continued spewing into the Gulf less than 50 miles from the Gulf Coast.

Since that time, Barrios, Kingsdorf & Casteix has worked tirelessly to represent those injured by the oil spill, whether it be physical damage to property or economic losses stemming from the catastrophic effects of so much oil entering the Gulf.  We have represented shrimpers, owners of oiled property, and business owners that have been devastated by the spill.  In reward for their hard work done in the early days of the spill, founding partner Dawn M. Barrios was appointed co-chair of the economic damages committee and associate Zachary L. Wool was appointed to a committee tasked with looking into legal issues dealing with the rig’s owner, Transocean.

Barrios, Kingsdorf & Casteix was also the first firm to file a complaint against BP and its co-defendants seeking punitive damages for their reprehensible conduct where they put profits ahead of safety and environmental concerns.  For a copy of that complaint, click HERE.

We strive on offering the personal attention that many people do not receive by hiring larger law firms with more clients.  Time may be limited to participate in the recently announced settlements.  To learn more about us, browse around our website and read our blog.  To talk to an attorney about a potential claim you may have in the settlement, contact our office at (504) 524-3300 or by emailing attorney Zachary L. Wool at   You can also fill out the Contact US form on the right and an attorney from our office will contact you.

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