When a client brings us on board to represent them in litigation, it can be a stressful and trying situation. What we believe sets us apart — in addition to our skills in the courtroom — is our role as counselors and our client service. Many other lawyers, for better or worse, lavish attention on clients until they get hired, and then pass them off to a secretary or paralegal. We simply don’t do that. We wholeheartedly believe that the better we know our clients and the more we talk with them, the better they understand their legal situation and rights.


BKC has helped scores of people who have suffered from personal injuries that result from work or car accidents and faulty products.


Complex Litigation and Mass Torts are large, complex cases involving thousands of plaintiffs, multiple defendants, and various courts around the country. They are procedural vehicles BKC uses to help large numbers of people that have been injured -- physically or economically -- by the same conduct, defect, or accident. They allow us to achieve justice quickly and economically for large groups of people.


BKC assists clients with their various oil and gas related needs and helps them protect their oil and gas interests in Court.


Products -- large and small, simple and complicated -- often work as intended. However products are sometimes poorly designed or poorly manufactured, which can lead to injury or death. BKC helps those harmed by dangerous products receive the justice they deserve.


People and business frequently enter into contracts and have no problems. At times, one party may fail to keep up his end of the bargain. For over thirty-five years, our lawyers have helped clients with their contract needs in court.



  • Guillot v. DaimlerChryslerSt. Bernard Parish
    $5,000,000+ Jury Verdict
    Defective Product Litigation

    The Guillots owned a defective Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Getting into the Jeep on the way to the hospital for the birth to their child, the defect caused the Jeep to slip into reverse, causing devastating injuries to a pregnant Mrs. Guillot.  The Guillots finally made it to their hospital, where their child was born alive but tragically died 17 days later from the injuries suffered.  BKC expertly guided the Guillots through the trial against Chrysler, which resulted in a multi-million dollar verdict in their favor, one of the largest of its kind in St. Bernard Parish history.

  • Chinese DrywallU.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana
    $1,100,000,000 Settlement
    Defective Product Litigation

    After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, there was a massive drywall shortage due to the booming construction industry, and several companies began importing drywall from China to meet the surging demand. The problem?  The defective drywall contained high levels of sulfur which corroded copper, silver and gold, and caused A/C units and electronics to fail. Litigation against the two major Chinese manufacturers began in 2009, and Judge Fallon appointed founding partner Dawn Barrios to run the litigation.  Dawn and the BKC team helped secure a settlement with Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin, worth over $1.1 billion, to repair the homes of those affected by its drywall.

  • Genetically Modified RiceU.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri
    $750,000,000 Settlement
    Complex Litigation

    BKC represented scores of rice farmers who suffered economic losses after a 2005 contamination of their fields by genetically modified rice created by the multi-national behemoth Bayer.  The contamination suppressed rice prices and worldwide demand for US long grain rice. BKC advocated vigorously for rice farmers from the five rice-producing states, and Bayer fought tooth and nail to escape from liability.  After hard-fought litigation in Missouri federal court, Bayer settled for $750 million.