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Starting and growing a business can be a difficult task, even more so without sound legal guidance. No matter what size your business or what industry, an experienced New Orleans business attorney at Barrios, Kingsdorf & Casteix can provide advice and assistance in whatever your company’s needs are.

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Business Services

We offer comprehensive business services in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana, including:

Business formation: Drafting documents necessary to start your business, including operating agreements, bylaws, policy and procedure manuals, articles of incorporation, articles of organization, member agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements; obtaining necessary business licenses; drawing up commercial real estate leases; drafting employee contracts and non-compete agreements; drafting vendor contracts and contractor agreements; and more.

Corporate Counsel: While many large companies have in-house counsel, those that don’t still often need ongoing legal advice and assistance. Business small and large come into contact with legal situations almost every day — from firing an employee to signing a contract with a new client. For companies without in-house attorneys, Barrios, Kingsdorf & Casteix can act as your corporate counsel, providing answers to your questions and legal guidance on any issues that come up in the natural course of owning and operating a business.

New Orleans Business LawyersBreach of Contract: The most common issue that leads to business litigation is a contract dispute. Breaches of contract can occur between two companies, individuals and even with government entities. When another party fails to hold up their end of a contract, it’s important to have experienced legal assistance to help mediate the issue and, if necessary, pursue your interests in court.

Buying or Selling a Business

Another common transaction with can assist with is the sale or purchase of an established business. Each year, more than 300,000 businesses are changing hands in the U.S. Most of them are small to mid-size businesses, including beauty shops, tax preparation services and restaurants, among others.

Before you sell your business, here are some questions we can help you answer:

  • Are you ready to sell your business?
  • Do you understand the sales process?
  • Have you set a price for your business?
  • Are there one or more potential buyers out there?

We can also obtain an appraisal of your business’ value to come up with a fair sales price, negotiate with potential buyers, and draft a sales agreement.

There are several advantages of buying an established business. It comes with an established customer base, you likely will already have a reliable, trained staff on hand, and a valid lease for the company’s facility is already in place.

However, if you want to invest your capital and buy a business, consider these additional factors:

  • Does the business suit you and your lifestyle? (You should be passionate about the business you are getting ready to buy).
  • Will the business have a chance of being successful?
  • What risks are involved in this particular business?
  • Are you buying a franchise or an independent business?
  • Is the price you have been offered reasonable?
  • What is the business’ financial situation? Does it have an overall good reputation and has complied with all local, county, and state laws?

Evaluating the risks and benefits of a business investment should be done before any offer is made. Our business lawyers can help you do this.

Always Here When You Need Us

At Barrios, Kingsdorf & Casteix, our clients are our first priority. We understand that legal issues can come up at any time of the day any day of the year for your business, and we’re always here to help.

We believe strong communication is one of the hallmarks of a great attorney-client relationship; this is why you’ll never wait days to get a response from your business attorney. We keep our clients up-to-date on any legal issues we’re assisting them with and always return your calls within 24 hours.

We also believe in an honest relationship with our clients. We will always ensure that you know your business’ legal options and rights in any situation so that you can make informed choices.

Whether you’re a small business owner or the head of a large corporation, the New Orleans business lawyers at Barrios, Kingsdorf & Casteix can help you with your legal needs. Contact us today to learn more about our practice and what we can do for your business.