• Zachary L. Wool Founds LGBT Caucus

    Two and a half years ago, BKC partner Zachary L. Wool began the process of starting the LGBT Caucus within the national organization the American Association for Justice.

    The aim of the LGBT caucus is to support LGBT attorneys in their practice and also attorneys who represent LGBT clients. For the last two and a half years, Zachary has worked tirelessly in his spare time to bring formal recognition of the group to reality. That finally happened on July 23, 2016, when the general membership of the American Association for Justice voted to amend its bylaws and formally recognize the caucus.

    BKC is proud of Zachary’s efforts to create a group that has the purpose of supporting LGBT attorneys and all attorneys who represent clients that happen to be LGBT.  Zachary has been driven by the belief that clients need to be 100% comfortable and honest with their lawyers, so that lawyers can do their best to help them seek justice.  Lawyers can do a better job in making sure that the LGBT clients are comfortable, and that non-LGBT lawyers know enough to be sensitive to the needs of their clients.  A client should never be made to feel uncomfortable about identifying as LGBT when beginning an attorney-client relationship.

    BKC is also very proud to announce that he was awarded the group’s first Founder’s Award, an award that will be given annually and will be named in his honor.  It will be given to the caucus member who best serves both the LGBT Caucus and American Association for Justice.

    BKC congratulates Zachary on this tremendous honor. To learn more about the American Association for Justice, visit its website at justice.org.